I’ve decided to start something new. I’m calling it “Kids in the News” and it’s kind of like a celebrity round-up, except instead of linking to top stories on celebrities (how much can you really read about Kim and Kanye anyway?), I’ll be linking to top stories about kids who have recently gone viral. Maybe I’ll link to things Mazzy and Harlow did too.

It’s an experiment. We’ll see where this goes…

1) Softball Team Puts the Deep Freeze on their Competition

This softball team of four and five-year-old girls all dressed up like Elsa in one adorably fierce photo by Betsy Gregory, showing princesses and power can go hand-in-hand. How did she get them all to scowl? She said, “Pretend your brother stole something from you.”


2) Stuffed Tiger has big day at Tampa International Airport

6-year-old Owen lost his stuffed Hobbes in Tampa International Airport. Instead of just throwing him in the lost and found, the operations staff decided to give Hobbes a big adventure. They documented the big day and printed all the photos into a book given to Owen when the pair reunited. Score one for the TSA!




3) Flower Girl Steals Spotlight at Mom’s Wedding

Four-year-old flower girl Anderson totally stole the spotlight at her mom’s wedding. When photographer Leah Bullard told the bride and groom to kiss for a photo op, Anderson planted one on the ring bearer potentially creating the best “save-the-date” ever.


4) First grader’s silence more powerful than grown man’s rant

First grader Zea showed the power of peaceful protest when she stood her ground in the face of an idiot trying to sway people’s opinions on gay marriage at a gay pride parade. Come on, guy. This is not your target audience.

5) Violet, Seraphina and Samuel’s parents are getting divorced


Welcome to the club, kids! It will all be fine, I promise. As long as we can get the tabloids to STOP WRITING ABOUT IT. My favorite is an article from Popsugar about how Jen Garner is still a good mom. AS IF THAT WAS EVEN A QUESTION.

6&7) Two-Year-Olds are Taking Over the Fashion World

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.21.03 AM

Everleigh and Ava aren’t just cute, they are incredibly well-dressed. Better dressed than you or I or North West or Ivy Blue will ever be. Also, I’m pretty sure their shoes cost more than my apartment. After developing a following on Instagram, the two have signed modeling deals with Guess and Kardashian Kids. Maybe Kris will see their true potential and adopt them.

8) Harlow grows a goatee

Two-year-old Harlow thought she was eating an ice cream cone. Little did she know, she was also growing a beard. Thank god that beard was just chocolate and could easily be removed with a napkin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.31.08 AM

FullSizeRender 3

9) Mazzy learns how to heart photos on Instagram

It seems silly that Mazzy’s mom never showed her five-year-old daughter how to “heart” photos on Instagram, especially since her mom is on Instagram ALL THE TIME. No worries. Mazzy’s boyfriend Gavin came to the rescue and singlehandedly brought Mazzy into the digital age. Then Mazzy spent the next hour liking all her own photos. She even hearted a few of her sister.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.31.29 AM

That’s it. Any amazing babies, toddlers, kids I missed? Maybe your own? Write a headline for something your kid did this month.

Have a great fourth of July!


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