When I asked people to post photos of dads with their daughters on my the Mommy Shorts Facebook page, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lots of dads dressing up like princesses having tea parties? Lots of girls donning jerseys from their dads’ favorite football teams?

The reality is, my girls do both and my husband is happy to participate in whatever makes them happy in the moment.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.54.14 AM

Looking through the photo submissions, it’s clear the things dads do with their daughters isn’t much different than the things they do with anyone else. It’s just exponentially CUTER.

From figure skating to four wheeling, here are 43 things dads do with their daughters:

1) They have staring contests

stare downs

2) They blow bubbles

blow bubble

3) They blow dandelions

blow dandelions

4) They admire a BIg Buddha

admire buddha

5) They admire tiny fishies


6) They share the sink

brush teeth together

7) They share the blow dryer

being manly while blow drying hair

8) They go camping


9) They go flying


10) They go golfing


11) They go to Home Depot

home depot

12) They do make-up

do her make up

13) They do hair

hair braiding

14) They do facetime


15) They wear matching crowns

crowns at disney

16) They wear matching mustaches

rock mustaches together

17) They game

video gaming

18) They swing


19) They take out the trash

taking out the garbage

20) They rock climb

rock climbing

21) They rock hop

rock hopping

22) They work on the car

working on car 2

23) They work on breakfast

squeezing at the same table

24) They play guitar

playing guitar

25) They catch fish


26) They drink beer

drink a brew together

27) They drink coffee

drink coffee together

28) They have impromptu dance parties

impromptu dance party

29) They hang


30) They dunk

playing basketball

31) They nap in hoodies

nap in hoodies

32) They go on roller coasters

ride roller coasters

33) They figure skate

figure skating

34) They drive four wheelers

doing donuts on four wheelers

35) They give pedicures


36) They get their hair done

get hair done

37) They hang out at the firehouse

hangout at the firehouse

38) They hang out in the castle tent

hangout in castles

39) They cook in tiaras


40) They go to cheer camp

cheer dad

41) They dress up in Frozen costumes


42) They go to Daddy Daughter Dances

surprising her with flowers

43) They reunite

hugging or reuniting

Say it with me— AWWWWWWWWWWW.

Happy early Father’s Day, all!


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