Despite thinking Valentine’s Day is a thinly-veiled excuse for greeting card companies to cash in on LOVE with sappy quotes printed next to an illustration of two birds kissing in a cage (what a beautiful metaphor for marriage, don’t you think?), I’m unlikely to complain about getting a box of chocolates.


But sometimes I wonder if a straight up bar of solid chocolate is a better gift than your classic chocolate sampler.

Sure, samplers look beautiful and filled with possibility, but as Forrest Gump famously said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” There’s usually a chart meant to be useful inside, but with descriptions like “Truffled Artisan Ganache” and “Roman Nougat Whip”, you still have no idea what’s coming your way when you take a bite.

That’s why I created a helpful chocolate box guide with real descriptions of the chocolates you always find inside. You can send me a bar of chocolate to thank me on Valentine’s Day.

Preferably one of those huge over-sized bars that weighs ten pounds.


What’s your least favorite chocolate filling surprise?


This post is a collaboration with Robyn Welling. To read more from Robyn, visit Hollow Tree Ventures and follow her on Facebook.

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