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While you were busy trying to one up your friend’s six second stop motion pregnancy announcement on Vine, Ben Snyder and Jacky Shu were like— six seconds??? We can’t announce our baby in six seconds! Our fetus deserves a feature length film!

A Wes Anderson film to be exact. Complete with a cross-dressing dog, a monotone narrator and a Paul Simon soundtrack. It’s called “The Pretentious Presentation of the Uterine Inhabitant” because— of course, it is.

Make this shit now, parents-to-be, because you will not have the luxury of time EVER AGAIN.

Can we make famous-director-influenced-birth-announcement-movie-trailers a thing? I look forward to the Michael Bay version, where the woman’s stomach explodes during a car chase to the hospital but Shia LaBeouf catches the flying fetus and we all hope they never make another baby again. Or how about the James Cameron version? Where the making of the birth announcement costs so much money the parents can no longer afford to send their baby to college! Or the George Lucas version— where the real father reveals himself and it’s James Earl Jones!!!

Please, pregnant people, make this happen.


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