Photo Contest: Serta Mattress with Adjustable Foundation ($5000)

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Shortly after Mazzy transitioned from her crib to her toddler bed, she had an epiphany. Why in the world would she stay in her own bed when she could very easily get up, open her door and wander into bed with mom and dad?

Our bed was bigger, it had much better pillows, and best of all— her favorite people were inside!

She started out by standing at the edge of the bed, nose to nose with me while I was sleeping, until my Spidey Sense felt a foreign presence in the room.

If you have yet to experience it, let me just tell you— there is nothing scarier than opening your eyes at 3am to see another pair of eyes looking straight into yours. Especially the eyes of a creature who has the power to destroy your entire night’s sleep.

A robber in the room would be preferable because he’s probably making every effort not to wake you up. Plus, I wouldn’t expect him to return night after night once he’s already walked out with the television.

With a child, one night in your bed usually signals the beginning of many.

All kids seem to know instinctually that when a parent is choosing between sleeping with their children or putting them back where they belong in the middle of the night, most parents will choose the option that lets them stay in bed.


Mazzy quickly realized she did not even have to stand in wait of my approval, she could just slide in on her own. Many a night, Mike and I have woken up with a “how/when did she get here?” exchange.

Here’s a photo of the time Mazzy not only snuck into our bed, she brought along a balloon. How’s that for a morning surprise?


Now, if she could just lie still and keep to her area, this might be okay. But even though Mazzy fits neatly between us when she first gets in the bed, at some point her body begins to shift.

First it’s a slight angle and then the angle becomes more extreme, until eventually she is lying perpendicular to us both, her head butting into my back and her feet kicking Mike in the stomach.

Check Mike out holding a pillow against his chest for protection.

Photo 1

Also, if I happen to get out of bed to do something crazy like use the bathroom, I can expect Mazzy’s little body to expand until it fills every available inch of mattress space, kicking me out of bed entirely.


But at least Mazzy is asleep. If I ever bring Harlow into our bed (say, early in the morning with a harebrained notion she will doze off and allow us a few extra minutes of sleep), Harlow uses the opportunity to wreck the bed entirely.

It’s not a bed, it’s a trampoline!

Photo 5

She also likes to take our pillows (usually out from underneath our heads) and use them to create her own bed on the floor.

Photo 4

Or, Mazzy and Harlow work together to build a bedding mountain with every available blanket and pillow in the house. Look hard and you can find Mike still trying to sleep in the madness.

Photo 3

Here’s a cute picture of Mike and Harlow but you’ll notice that Harlow’s knees are shoved into Mike’s chin.


A sanctuary, our bed is not.

Not since kids.

Today, I’m partnering with Serta to start a little movement. It’s called “Get Out of My Bed Please” because I think every parent deserves a childless night’s sleep.


I’m not talking to the parents with family beds who planned to have their kids sleep with them all along. I’m talking to the parents who never had this intention, but wound up with nightly unwanted intruders anyway.

I am giving away one Queen-sized Serta iComfort or iSeries mattress with an adjustable foundation (total value: $5000) to the person who proves he/she is in the most need of a better night’s sleep.

The Serta iComfort mattress features Serta’s latest dual-action gel memory foam technology, which gives much more support and cooling comfort than memory foam mattresses of the past. Serta offers eight new models with this technology, ranging from extra-firm to luxuriously plush, so every type of sleeper can find their perfect match.


For those interested in the benefits of gel memory foam, but looking for a traditional innerspring mattress, Serta offers the iSeries Hybrid Sleep System which combines their Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam with individually wrapped coil innerspring.


The Serta adjustable foundation was built because people do much more in their bed these days beyond sleeping. No, I’m not talking about THAT. I’m talking about checking email, watching TV and working horizontally on a laptop. In addition to lumbar support, 90-degree head tilt support and massage options, the Serta adjustable foundation has a wireless motion-sensitive backlit remote, Bluetooth Connectivity, a wireless speaker system, USB power ports and convenient lighting.

Yes, I know— it sounds ridiculous. RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.


To find your perfect match, you can use Serta’s online iComfort/iSeries mattress selector tool or download their new app.

To enter the photo contest and potentially win the whole shebang for free, just post photo proof of your unwanted bed companions on facebook or instagram. If you have a new baby sleeping between you, a toddler getting in the way of sexy time, a husband who steals the blankets, a pet who leaves no foot room, an ex who shouldn’t be there to begin with— all are fair game. If you have more than one intruder, EVEN BETTER.

If you submit your photo on Instagram, you must tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @SertaMattress using the hashtag #GetOutOfMyBedPlease to enter.

If you submit by posting on the wall of the Mommy Shorts facebook page, you must follow Mommy Shorts and Serta on facebook to be eligible to win.

Twenty finalists will be announced on September 19th and put to a vote, with the winner being determined on October 1st. One grand prize winner will take home a Serta iComfort or iSeries Queen-sized mattress of their choice with a compatible adjustable foundation. The price of the Queen can also be applied towards a King.

Second and third place will win a complete Serta bedding set including two iComfort® Renewal Refined™ Pillows, one Sleep to Go™ Luxury Fleece Blanket, one iComfort Luxury Sheet Set (Queen or King), and one Serta Sheep Toy (to give to your child as a consolation prize).


You can read the full rules here.

I wish you all luck and a good night’s sleep!