You know, with all the excitement about Thanksgivukah, I totally forgot that Hanukah actually started LAST NIGHT. Yep, we didn't light the menorah, didn't give out presents, didn't play a ROUSING game of Driedel.

As far as Mazzy and Harlow are concerned, the first day of Hanukah is today. And Spongebob Squarepants and Kermit the Frog and Buzz Lightyear and yes, even SANTA will be celebrating it with them at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Wow. Thanksgivukah has the power to really blow a Jewish three-year-old's mind.

I keep saying three-year-old, but Mazzy will be four in about a week.

This year, we will call it Birthukah. Or Harthday. 

Happy Harthday, Mazzy!

Anyway, whether you are celebrating Thanksgivukah or just regular old Thanksgiving, I think everyone should insert a little Judaism into your holiday. For the adventurous, I'd try sweet potato latkes (my recipe is here) and for the people who already have every spot on their stovetop spoken for, I suggest crushing some chocolate gelt on top of your pumpkin pie. 


It's simple, festive and delicious. You don't even have to bake the pie. Just buy one and decorate. No one will ever know the difference. Unless you are known for REALLY SUCKING AT BAKING.

We will be celebrating over at our cousins' in Brooklyn at a dinner that is scheduled to start at 7pm. That's a half hour past Harlow's bedtime and a half hour before Mazzy's, so I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work out.

We are bringing a portable crib to put Harlow to sleep and I'm guessing Mazzy will just run around like a lunatic for the majority of the night. 

As for me, I'll be giving thanks that our household stomach bug passed right in time for the holidays. It arrived early Friday morning with our nanny calling in sick, asking if the kids were okay. I said, they were fine, then hung up just as Harlow puked on my shoulder. UH-OH. 

Mazzy got sick Saturday night, Mike on Sunday morning (which happened to be my birthday, making it the worst birthday ever) and I got sick on Monday night.

Tuesday night, Mike had planned this elaborate birthday evening for me— dinner, a show, and then a night at a nearby hotel while Grammy watched the kids.

Wouldn't you know, the one time in five years Mike plans something romantic, I GET A STUPID STOMACH BUG???

Anyway, I rallied. I sat through dinner which was lovely but I couldn't touch my food. Then we went to the show which was great. I only had to excuse myself once because I started sweating and thought I might pass out. Then we went back to the hotel and slept like babies until a late check-out at 4pm.

It was glorious.

Actually, Mike probably could have skipped dinner and the show and just given me the gift of interrupted sleep and that would have been more than enough to make it a happy birthday.

By the time we left, I felt like myself again.

I just hope I didn't start a citywide epidemic by taking my clearly contagious stomach bug out on the town.

Happy Thanksgivukah, NYC!

Hope you make it to Christmas!