A few weeks ago, I checked Pinterest while my laptop was sitting on the kitchen counter. Mazzy saw the pretty pictures populating the screen and asked, "What's that?" I explained that you pick the pictures you like the best and pin them to your own board.

"I want to pin things!"

And that's how "Mazzy's Pins" on Pinterest was born.

Since then, it has become a nightly ritual before we read books and go to bed. Not to mention, a really awesome way to pass fifteen minutes with a three-year-old. Screw blocks and puzzles! I am going to school my daughter in social media!

Mazzy asks if we can "pin" and I let her take the lead. Did you know that Pinterest is a place where a three-year-old's dreams can come true?

She makes search requests.

"I want to pin…. pink things!"

"I want to pin…. cupcakes!"

"I want to pin…. monkey pajamas!"

She makes her selections.

"That one! I like that one! Pin that one, Mommy!!!!"

And then she gives commentary.

"I like that silly pig because it has boots on it."

I record it all from her mouth to the board exactly. Like this…


Mazzy usually gets bored about three or four pins in, which actually works out nicely so I am not PINK BOMBING my followers. Did I mention half the board is pink? Pink cars, pink umbrellas, pink gloves… It's a running theme. On Pinterest and in real life.




She loves pinning food.


She likes pinning animals.


She likes pinning food shaped like animals.


Sometimes her pins make the most sense if read in the order we pin them.



Sometimes she surprises me.


Sometimes she pins exactly what I would expect.

And sometimes she confuses me.


But mostly, she just seems delighted we are able to find whatever combination of words pop into her head.



Although, this morning Mazzy asked to search for "pink elephant ice cream" and we came up with nothing. As Mazzy sadly pointed out, "There are pink elephants and there is pink ice cream but there is no pink elephant ice cream."

Apparently, Pinterest can kill three-year-old dreams too.

Oh, and here's another thing. In two weeks, Mazzy's board has become my most popular board. She's even got a pin that has more repins than anything I've pinned in the last three years.


I don't even understand how that happened. I'm sure Mazzy will tell me one day.

If you'd like to see all of Mazzy's Pins and follow her board, click here.

I hope you like PINK.


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