GIVEAWAY: Three $100 Valentine’s Day Bouquets to support Sienna’s Flower Garden

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Today I’m hoping you’ll all help me support a really worthy cause brought to my attention by my good friend (and probably my biggest blogging cheerleader), Natasha.

Natasha is trying to raise money to help her friend’s adorable two-year-old daughter, Sienna Otto (pictured up top), who suffers from a rare disease called FOP. To explain FOP as simply as possible, the disease turns joints and tissues into bone, which can eventually turn Sienna into a human statue.

I know, it’s really horrible.

Especially since FOP prevents Sienna from doing normal little girl things like twirling, jumping, running or even holding her parents hands as they walk down the street. If Sienna falls and gets hurt, the healing process would most likely result in bone growth.

I can’t even imagine how hard it is to stop a toddler from playing like a toddler.


Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania believe an effective treatment (or maybe even a cure) is just a few years away but they need $1 million to fund a clinical study to make it a reality.

So Sienna’s parents are doing what any parent of a child with FOP would do with that information— they are trying to raise the money.

It’s a lofty goal but this is the kind of thing that is much more possible with how social media works today.

To make it easy to donate to her friends’ cause, Natasha (who works in advertising) worked with her agency to create a website called Sienna’s Flower Garden where people can plant virtual flowers for as little as $5. So far they have raised over $40,000 to go towards funding a cure for FOP.

Then Natasha came to me to see if I could help, and we came up with the idea of doing a Valentine’s Day giveaway with real flowers from the online flower boutique— Olive & Cocoa.

Today we are giving away three gorgeous bouquets— two Le Coeur bouquets ($98, pictured left) and one Fiona Blush bouquet ($138, pictured right).



I wanted to do something where you had to buy a VIRTUAL FLOWER in order to win the REAL FLOWERS— but apparently, that is illegal. So, I am just hoping that some of the people who enter will feel the same way I felt when I read Sienna’s story, follow the link to Sienna’s Flower Garden, and buy a $5 virtual flower.

In fact, I will personally contribute $1 for each giveaway entry up to 100 entries.

And now, I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope that Natasha and the Ottos’ investment in this giveaway pays off.

The flowers are beautiful, but obviously, not nearly as beautiful as Sienna one day getting her cure.


1) To enter, you must promote a direct link to Sienna’s Flower Garden. You can do this by tweeting or posting on facebook a version of the following:

Plant a virtual flower in Sienna’s Flower Garden and help save a little girl’s life. @CureSienna @mommyshorts

2) For a second entry, you can tweet
or post a link on facebook back to this giveaway. For example:

I entered to win Valentine’s
Flowers from @mommyshorts and @CureSienna. Let’s spread the word to help save
Sienna’s life!

3) For a third entry, you can pin the graphic below on Pinterest:


Winner will be announced this Sunday night to give you plenty of time to send or receive your bouquet in time for Valentine’s Day.

Good luck!