This week, Method launched a new limited edition product collaboration with pattern maker, Orla Kiely.

If there's anything to make you rethink throwing out a plastic bottle and using a refill instead, it's having a really gorgeous dispenser that you won't be able to replace, like the ones above.

Pretty smart, these Method people. They keep tricking us into being environmentally conscious!

To further presuade us into the well-designed, earth-friendly, sweet-smelling wormhole that is Method, the Orla Kiely soaps and household cleaners come in four exclusive scents formulated specifically for the line— Vanilla Chai, Pear Ginger, Bay Leaf, and Primrose.

It's like an attack of the soothing scents— which to choose??? can I have them all??? why won't they last forever???

If you don't know Orla Kiely, she makes beautifully patterned bags, housewares, clothes, and accessories with the same eco-conscious message and focus on sustainability as Method.

Not that you'd want to do anything silly like coordinate your outfit with your dish soap, but if you did…





It's enough to motivate you to do the dishes! (Kind of.)

All clothing and accessories can be found on OrlaKiely.com

The limited edition hand soaps, dish soaps and all-purpose cleaners are now available at Target Stores nationwide. Like all Method soaps, the formula is biodegradable, naturally derived, free of any dirty ingredients (like parabens, phthalates, triclosan and EDTA) and packaged in recycable bottles made with 100% recycled plastic.

Be sure to join Method's facebook fanpage, where they will holding a sweepstakes the last week of August—5 grand prize winners will take home an Orla Kiely handbag filled to the brim with limited edition products.

Happy Cleaning!


This is a sponsored post by Method, but like all sponsored posts, the thoughts and opinions are my own.