Giveaway: $100 H&M Gift Card

IMG_5710I realized something disturbing recently. Mazzy is beginning to have a better wardrobe then I do.

During the first year or so of Mazzy’s life, I dressed her up in onesies, footie pajamas, multi-colored leggings and dresses with those matching little undies. All adorable. Most of it in shades of pink. But they were baby clothes. I never wanted to wear any of those things myself. (Except maybe the footie pajamas.)

Now that Mazzy has turned two, her wardrobe is changing. Baby clothes are out and little girl clothes are in. And I’ve got news for you— little girl clothes look a lot like adult clothes in smaller sizes.

For Mazzy’s birthday party, I dressed her in navy and red. And do you know what color her shoes were? BLACK. Yes, black little ballet slip-ons. One woman commented under the birthday party post that she wanted to buy Mazzy’s outfit for herself. I know— I do too!

But shopping for myself isn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be. There are RULES.

Shirts have to be form-fitting on top, looser around the waist and on the long side. Pants have to sit low but not too low. Ruffles are out. Dresses cinched with a belt might make Kirsten Dunst look hipster chic but they make me look like I got dressed in the dark. Too much cleavage makes me look like I am for sale on the corner. Pale colors or pastels might as well be a sign hanging above my head that says: DEATH LOOMING. And button-downs have a way of pulling in exactly the wrong spot.

Shopping for Mazzy is freeing. She looks good in EVERYTHING. She doesn’t even have to try the clothes on and analyze her ass in a three-way mirror to make sure!

I read once that the reason men are required to all wear the same tuxedo to black tie events is so they can show off their women.

That’s what I have become when I am in the presence of my daughter. A man in a tux. Wearing the same uniform every day (jeans, boots, solid color top) in order to show off my increasingly stylish little girl.

A week ago, H&M gave me an $100 gift card plus a 25% Off VIP card (good with every purchase through June!) to spend at their store and another to give away to one of my readers (details at the end of the post). I wish I could tell you I used that opportunity to buy some clothes for myself.

I did not.

Shopping for myself is work. Shopping for Mazzy is much more fun.

As soon as I found out H&M had a children’s department (I didn’t know that, did you?), I walked in, asked a salesperson to point me in the right direction, took one look at the huge selection of super cute clothes and spent my entire gift card on my daughter.

Do you know how many items you can buy at H&M for $100? I bought TEN and still came up a few dollars shy. Add the 25% VIP discount and I only spent $75!

Below is what I purchased. The majority of these items are just $9.95 (that’s less than most of the kids’ clothes at Old Navy). And that white shirt at the bottom came in a pack of two.

Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 12.21.27 AM

So you see, H&M isn’t helping my “man in a tux” problem. What with their super stylish little girl clothes and their low prices.

I mean, did you see Mazzy in her cherry red cat cardigan with the three-dimensional polka dot bow up top? How can I ever compete?

I’ve either got to spend that last $25 on myself or I better start working on my Clooney.




$100 H&M GIFT CARD + 25% OFF VIP DISCOUNT CARD (good for every purchase through June 30, 2012) 


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Winner will be announced on December 22nd so you have time for holiday shopping. And tuxedo dry cleaning.