Here's the E*Trade baby commercial that aired last night on the superbowl. I'm going to ignore the second spot (the one with Peppers the cat) because I didn't think it was funny. But I think the one below was pretty good. I give it a rating of: CUTE. "Cute" is way above "not funny" but falls just shy of "hilarious". Mazzy gives it a rating of "I will keep screaming the word BABY until you agree the play it on a continuous loop".


Of course, my husband was a big fan of the Career Builders ad since according to him, a monkey could be crying over the loss of his mother and still be funny.


Somehow USA TODAY's Ad Meter has the Bud Light "Dog Sitting" spot ranked first.


My verdict: The E*Trade baby will concede defeat to the monkeys, but no way in hell is he gonna lie down for a bunch of dog butlers and a lame "dogs playing poker" joke.

I also liked Carmax "Kid In A Candy Store" and VW's "Black Beetle". What about you guys?