Is little Jake ordering a head CT or requesting a "price check on aisle 5"? Write your best caption in the comment section below. Judging will be conducted by Brian, the winner of our last caption contest. This week's winner gets to guest judge the next contest. See how this works? That way, nobody can get mad at me for picking my husband. Winner will be announced by end of day tomorrow.

UPDATE: Various entries pinned Jake as a comedian, an audio sound-checker, a wedding singer, a flight attendant, and Tom Jones to name a few. In the end, Brian gave it to Natasha who went with straight up doctor. Her caption was:

"Code Brown! I repeat, Code Brown! We need a diaper change in here STAT."

Brian felt that combining medical terminology with a poop joke makes for good humor. I agree! Plus Jake's diaper does look there could be a *situation*.

Congratulations Natasha, this means your next caption contest's judge!