Someone once told me that a girl’s favorite color progression is pink, then purple and then finally landing on turquoise. If that’s the case, then Mazzy is right on schedule.

As you you might remember, Mazzy was obsessed with all things pink for about three solid years. I stopped buying her clothes in any other color because she refused to wear anything that wasn’t pink and they would just sit in her closet untouched.

Then she completely rebelled against pink and went into her purple phase. I think that is partially to do with Mal from the Descendants, who is both a rebel and always wears purple.

Lately, Mazzy has shifted to turquoise, just as predicted.

This means nothing except it makes it much easier to buy clothes that I know she will like. She’s got a turquoise jacket and a new turquoise backpack and it seems like when I want her to dress a little nicer for a special occasion (oh the agony), it’s a lot easier when I lure her with turquoise options.

Harlow is defying gender stereotypes and her favorite color is blue. Not just any blue. She likes a deep royal/sapphire blue like the one Evie wears in Descendants. And, if I think about it, I’m not sure she had a strong color preference until she saw that movie about two years ago.

It’s funny because Harlow will tell you that her favorite color is blue, but she has never been as specific with what she wears, like Mazzy was with pink, so I never really thought much of it. But, for the purposes of this post, I went back to find pictures of Harlow wearing her favorite color and it made me realize that her favorite dresses, for the most part, are ALL blue.

It’s like a new revelation! THAT’S why she always selects this dress over that one, and that one over this one. It all makes sense now.

Blue was my favorite color as a kid too. I remember going carpet shopping for my room as a kid and insisting on the brightest royal blue wall to wall shag carpet. It looked like Cookie Monster’s fur. I think it’s a testament to my mom that she honored my choice and I lived with that Cookie Monster carpet for most of my childhood. I wonder if she wished she never took me to the carpet store.

But, even though I didn’t start on pink, I eventually went from blue to purple and then as an adult, also landed on turquoise.

Hmmm…maybe Harlow is headed that way too?


What is your daughter’s favorite color? What is yours?