It’s been two weeks since I posted a video (even though I promised a new one every Friday), which is due to a variety of reasons. The main reason being that the end of the school year is a very complicated time for parents, especially ones with multiple children enrolled in different schools with various extracurricular activities.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY END OF THE YEAR EVENTS???? Class breakfasts, dance recitals, parent participation days at gymnastics, field trips, school picnics, moms night out, etc. etc. etc. Even as a parent with alternative childcare, I still wanted to be in attendance at everything, so work has really fallen low on my priority list. I guess I’m lucky that the blog is my business so I have that option to take a step back when necessary. In my old line of work, I would not have had that option.

The other reason it’s been two weeks is because Allie and I have been busy co-editing the travel video for Greater Williamsburg. We tried to take what was working about the travel videos (the montages, the locations, etc.) while also adding in some of the stuff that people have liked about my new vlogs (namely Harlow and Mazzy being Mazzy and Harlow.) The result is one super long video. I thought about doing a Part I and a Part II but since I film all the talking head stuff on location, there was really no good way to start and end it twice.

Anyway, it is what it is and I blame Greater Williamsburg, Virginia for having so much fun stuff to do that I wanted to include in my video. We spent three days there— learning about colonial times, trying to toss a corn cob in a hoop, being scared to death on a ropes course, getting soaked on a flume in Busch Gardens, and listening to Harlow totally misinterpret the American Revolution. You can read about my entire itinerary here, but I truly think the best way to experience the trip (besides going yourself) is to watch it all on video.

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