We want our kids to have a great childhood—no wait, an AMAZING childhood—but that doesn’t just happen all by itself. Somebody has to schedule all those family vacations, arrange day trips to the petting zoo, and poke holes in mason jar lids so the kids can catch lightning bugs at the neighborhood Firefly Festival (yeah, thanks a ton for the pressure to throw a fancy themed block party by the way, Pinterest).

If planning a summer filled with enriching, fun activities that are sure to build a lifetime of treasured memories is making you want to drown yourself in the nearest vat of DIY sidewalk paint (yup, Pinterest again), take heart—because this little girl is here to remind us that even when we take our kids to Disney World and a real princess visits our lunch table, sometimes all kids really want to do is chill with their bowl of mac and cheese.

Or, you know, maybe she was just hoping for a different princess.

Anyway, I really enjoy the thought of Snow White being like that annoying guy who keeps trying to hit on you at a bar when you’re just there to enjoy a drink with your friends.

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