My plan is to post my vlogs on Friday but I got a little cocky and posted a mini-vlog on Wednesday, thinking that obviously, I’d have enough time to finish the full vlog by Friday.

That didn’t happen. I got it about 90% complete by end of day Friday, finished the rest of it on Saturday morning while the kids were still sleeping, but then I ran into a music glitch and needed Allie to help me out. Long story short, I had to wait until today to post.

Keeping a schedule is HARD!!!

Anyway, here’s Vlog #4, which includes me walking on stilts, my mom unearthing an old game of Clue and Harlow giving the Mother’s Day toast to end all Mother’s Day toasts. I’m not sure what part I like the best. It ‘s either Harlow stopping an already ridiculously long bike ride to blow on a dandelion for five hours or Mazzy proving that she doesn’t just do a good British accent— she does an excellent impersonation of a flight attendant too.

Hope you enjoy!

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