Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.52.23 PMIf you read that headline and thought I was talking about parenting, HA! I know nothing. I consult Google any time I want to expand my parenting knowledge. Sometimes Google sends me back here, which is HILARIOUS.

I'm talking about blogging. 

Months and months ago, some friends of mine in the computer, starting talking about starting their own blog conference. I was like, yeah, that sounds great. Sign me up. Whatever. Let me know when I need to be somewhere.

I thought they were bullshitting about all the extra shit they'd like to accomplish if they ever had a free moment. Like reorganizing your medicine cabinet. Learning to make pasta by hand. Rereading the classics you didn't appreciate in high school.

That sort of thing. 

If these people ever did get it together to create a conference, we were talking about the year 2035, right? I wouldn't even be blogging by then. I might be dead, for all I knew.

But, you know what? After our conversation (on facebook messages no less), those people went off and ACTUALLY STARTED A BLOG CONFERENCE.

It's in June. In Baltimore. It's called Blog U and I'm teaching two sessions. One on Instagram and one on monetizing your blog.

I guess I need someone to watch the kids. 

"Ummmm… Mike? Think you could take care of the kids by yourself for a few days? No, not like a sitter. Like THEIR FATHER. Yes? Thanks."

Anyway, if you are a blogger yourself, and I've got to think that some of you are, I think you should come.

It's not going to be a big fancy blogging affair sponsored by Samsung and Cottonelle or anything. It's going to be held at the University of Notre Dame of MD from June 6th to June 8th and we will be staying in dorm rooms. Tickets include food, lodging and a full conference pass for the low low price of $249. It's going to be small and casual and probably have some of your favorite bloggers there. Not just teaching sessions, but holding one-on-one office hours. I don't know if anyone knows what one-on-one office hours means yet, but hopefully it won't involve sexual favors in exchange for better grades. That would be weird.

Who else is teaching sessions there?

People like Honest Toddler, Baby Sideburns, People I Want to Punch in the Throat and My Life and Kids to name a few. Check out the full cast of characters here.

Baby Sideburns and I will be sharing a dorm room. And probably a hot plate. And a shower caddy. I hope she doesn't bring any frat guys back to the room and then hang a sock over the door knob. Then I'll have to drag her mattress out into the commons area while she's taking a shower.

You think I'm joking but THAT HAPPENED. Ask my college roommate. I don't fuck around.

Anyway, here's the link to purchase tickets. I think I might actually have some knowledge to impart. Like, if you really want to grow your blog, the best way to do it is by meeting people and making friends with other bloggers. In person. 

That's LESSON #1. Totally on the house.

Hope to see you there!