IMG_1632A My name is Ilana. I’m a working mom from NYC who writes a blog instead of sleeping. (Click here for “The Best Of Mommy Shorts”.)

I have two daughters. Mazzy just turned three and Harlow is three months but by the time you read this they might both be in college. Provided their NYC preschool edcuation hasn’t already bled us dry. Here’s their picture. If you think you have more adorable children, Mazzy and Harlow will challenge your children to a cuteness contest. Where everyone will automatically tie. Because pitting our kids against each other is totally NOT COOL. (Although I do it all the time.)

My husband’s name is Mike. I love him slightly more than my computer. But slightly less than ice cream. You can check out his class entitled “Fatherhood 101” for tips on winning baby monitor chicken and feigning naptime ineptitude.

The four of us plan to stay in downtown Manhattan until THE POWERS THAT BE* drag us kicking and screaming to the ‘burbs.


More about me:

I work as a freelance creative director in advertising and have both an art direction and copywriting background. Everything on this site from the design to the writing is my own. I was honestly born to write this thing. Which is sad because it pays next to nothing and is a HUGE TIME SUCK.


I do tons of contests on Mommy Shorts including giveaways, caption contests and comment competitions. I am always looking for contest inspiration, sponsorships and prizes.

PR/Advertising Stuff:

I am PR friendly and am willing to do sponsored posts, giveaways, advertising, branded content, twitter parties and photo contests for brands and products I believe in. I am also more than happy to put together a larger program. Brainstorming ideas for brands is what I do best.

Please email me if you would like a copy of my media kit.


*THE POWERS THAT BE will most likely be the NYC Public Education System.