If you’re not familiar with the caption contests, check them out here.

Are you back? Ok.

If you think you have a photo of your kid that lends itself to a great caption contest, submit it here. But please have a thick skin because I don’t censor the comments. Although if you find something particularly offensive (which hasn’t happened yet), I will remove it.

Periodically, I also make “Fan Photo Albums” based on a theme. Like The Holiday Album, Baby Fashion Showdown and Cake Smash Face-Off. I caption these albums myself. And again, I don’t want to worry about offending anybody.

I will announce when I am looking for album pictures on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. And if you send in a picture for a caption contest, I might save it for use in an album.

Once your kid is captioned, feel free to put this button on your blog (if you have a blog). But it is not required. Although it would be very nice.