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Last week, I inducted 35 new members into an elite club of maniacs who care more about their fry to ketchup ratio than balanced meals and necessary nutrients. This club is called the Picky Eaters Club (founded by my children) and is sponsored by OLLY, a line of vitamins and supplements which makes giving your kids (even the picky ones) their daily allowance of vitamins and minerals super easy.

This week, we have 31 new members who will make you consider keeping your baby on formula until he/she is 18 years-old. Plus, I’m announcing three more winners of an Olly prize pack and the grand prize winner of a $750 Target gift card, where you can buy Olly vitamins ’til your heart’s content.

Welcome to yet another round of the Picky Eater’s Club. Who wants to get up in front of the group first?

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If your kid thinks it’s their personal responsibility to fight the war against a well-rounded diet, I highly recommend Olly’s yummy Kid’s Multivitamin + Probiotic to help them get their recommended nutrients for the day.

Olly is a complete collection of vitamins and supplements for kids and grown-ups, with names like Beauty, Energy and Bones, so they don’t require a magnifying glass or a PhD in Chemistry to understand.


Each gummy and softgel are packed with super effective complex nutrients, in an expertly blended dose of exactly what your body needs to thrive. But the best part is that Olly vitamins are colorful and delicious with all-natural fun flavors that make them seriously a delight to take. 

My personal favorites are Beauty (Grapefruit Glam flavor) and Sleep (Blackberry Zen flavor). Everyone I know who takes Olly’s Sleep gummies totally swear by them, including me, my husband, Abby and Cara (Team Mommy Shorts) and one random commenter on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.42.27 AM

My family has been diligently taking our Olly vitamins every day. Since they are delicious, that means— WE DO NOT FORGET!

Which brings me to today’s winners. The following three picky eaters will get a selection of Olly products plus a $50 gift card from Target:

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And the winner of the complete line of Olly products plus an $750 Target gift card, selected randomly from the people who entered their email into the contest widget is….


Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact abby@mommyshorts.com to claim your prizes.

If your children have not yet been inducted, do not worry— the Picky Eaters Club will be accepting new members next year and by that time, I’m sure your children will have a whole new array of weirdo eating habits to make them eligible!

Special Offer:

Olly is also offering MommyShorts readers 30% off any online purchase using the code OLLY30. This code will expire on July 31st.


This post was sponsored by Olly, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.